By Sade A. Spence

alvin risk sings webster hall

Friday night, the Washington D.C. based disc jockey, Alvin Risk, entertained a crowd of ravers n' rollers at Webster Hall by doing more than just mixing -- he can sing! Like, really SING! The OWSLA signed turntablist took to the mic, singing the melodies to his hit songs "Alone" and "Safe." Risk is no Aretha Franklin, but can hold a note that blends well with his progressive mixes.

His vocals weren't the only entertaining attraction at the show. Visuals of Dirty Dancing dance sequences, roaring exotic animals, and zooming kaleidoscope shapes paired with heavy bass drops and beach balls, captivated the crowd.

Watch a clip of Skrillex's prodigy shredding the turntables in this fan captured video below:

Listen to a few tracks from Alvin Risk's album "Venture" below: