The Virgin Kitchen

by Kate Oberdorfer

So my kitchen lost its virginity last night. That's right folks, my kitchen had a virginity and now its gone. She lost it to a Cuban fried chicken: criolla a la frito, to be exact. With a side of arroz blanco and a peppery salad, my kitchen had the night of her life.

She said it was a most pleasurable experience. The foreplay began around 3 in the afternoon, after a trip to Whole Foods to secure the goods- all of them bells and whistles (and garlic and orange juice and cayenne pepper) to let that pollo mari-nate. 

And darling, did he.

That pollo was marinating all afternoon. Marinating in some orange juice, bittered by the squeeze of a lemon, five cloves of garlic and more than a pinch-pinch of Kosher Salt. Marinating in plastic (because girl knew no other way not so sure she believes in them rubberz) in the cold of a new refrigerator. 

And after he was done, mari-nating, dripping, soaking wet, girl patted him dry and rolled him around in three cups of white flour and cayenne pepper. Then she done poured two inches of vegetable oil in a stained skillet and let that oil pop! before she put her, marinated pollo into it. 

And when she put him into it, put him into that stained skillet, she done turned him and turned him--gently at first because she was scared but then he started sizzlin', poppin', crackin' and pretty soon, there was oil all over the kitchen. 

He finished a crispy, golden brown and my kitchen said, she just can't wait to go back for more. 


Criolla a la frito (Creole fried chicken, Cuban style)


To lose it to this Creole-Cuban chicken, you'll need:

Four chicken breasts

two cups orange juice

five cloves of garlic

Kosher salt

pinch of cayenne pepper


two inches of vegetable oil (for skillet)