As 2014 comes to an end, most of us are gearing up to rip open holiday gifts, surround ourselves with loved ones, and also start brainstorming resolutions for the new year. But why wait till 2015 to become a whole new person? Let's end 2014 with a bang and bring about a bold new avatar. Because let's face it , who even keeps up with New Years resolutions anyway. 

Being BOLD will never go out of fashion. And this pocketful of tips can make sure you stand out in a sea of "basic."

1. "Take it all off"
Showing your "real" face can be a huge change for most of us. With the role of makeup and enhancement products in present day society, putting on a face has become second nature. One way to go bold is to take off all the face paint and showcase the real you. This will allow you to turn up that confidence to a radar breaking rate!

2. "Let's go ethnic"
Being bold is all about embracing the unknown and owning it! We are surrounded by a juxtaposition of cultures and ethnicities and in order to broaden our outlook on life and become a well informed citizen, it's imperative that we get in tune with the world outside of our immediate knowing. Integrating a shawl from a small tribal community into your winter wardrobe or draping an Indian kurti over a pair of shorts with gladiators can spice up your look, but can also lead you to learn more about a new culture that may have once been a mystery. We are world citizens, so why not represent all of our cultures?

3. Channel your inner "Catwoman"
Little boys have their superheroes to look up to, so let's focus and fawn over their female counterparts. You don't have to be in a DC comic book to kick some serious ass fashion wise. So throw on those knee high boots and work those skin tight leather leggings. You don't have to save these daring looks for hitting the town on a Saturday night. The new bold you can skillfully throw on these separates into your daily style routine to kick up the fashion stakes and show how traditional going out looks can also be daytime fashion toppers.

4. "Read my Lips"
The quintessential bold lip has been a seductive red for as long as one can remember. But going bold is all about breaking barriers so why not embrace a deep shade that might not be as common in our field of vision. A rich mahogany shade or a deep bloody purple hued lipstick can draw attention to your pout and enhance and awaken the bold diva hiding inside!

So let's break the norm and tread towards a path of new beginnings and dance to new music with a sense of gung-ho ease. Most of us don't know what the heck is going on since life can be such a puzzle, so why not own the town as we paint it with our own big and bold paintbrushes.