Cancer, also known as "the Crab" is a sign known for its creativity and fashion forward "I can pull anything off" attitude. From bold prints to bright headscarves to oversized sunglasses, Cancers can rock just about any look and make it cool. Here is OTC's newest style guide on how to channel your inner Cancer fashionista. 

Cancer goddesses Lana del Rey and Solange Knowles are prime examples of the effortless cool the Crab exudes on a daily basis. If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe, throw on a fitted leather jacket like this Balmain piece pictured above or some knee high Jeffrey Campbell boots. If you're trying to stand out, a good old fashioned print with a bold lip or nail color is also another route.  Just remember that when it comes to the Cancer look, there always needs to be a little bit of an edge. Stay spicy.