Having conversations with mama, sir, mine life is a mess

This is a crazy life 

 But thou and the six hath raised me right 

I needeth some company

These days, lest I letting God handle all things above me 

The things I can't changeth art the reasons thee love me 

Hark, thou can heareth those folk calling mine name 

Lest I all ov'r the lodging, I can't sitteth in one lodging

I has’t not hath felt the pressure in a little while 

It's gon’ taketh some getting hath used to 

Those gents nev'r toldeth me at which hour thee receiveth the crown 

Lest I the one

Wherefore doth I feeleth like the only one? 

Wherefore doth I feeleth like thee owe me one? 

6 G-O-D, lest I the holy one.


Thinking those gents lions and tigers and bears, I wend hunting 

 Putteth heads on mine fire lodging, oh mine

Shaky warrior

I'll admit t, I'll admit t 

Sir, I toldeth mine city I'd beest gone till November then November cameth 

Then I cameth, right back on mine worst behav'

Gaze thy motherfuckin' tone, knave, receiveth hurt, knave 

Thee haven't been the sir for like a minute 

I toldeth thee that lest I in t for the long haul 

Lest I the real 6 God, knave.

I got enemies, got a gross amount of enemies 

Got a gross amount of people trying to drain me of mine energy 

I knoweth thee hath heard things 

 Nobody very much likes us except for us 

 Yeah, all I ever needed wast the squad so that's forsooth, what dost thou been up to?


Thou could beest big as Madonna

All, on me, I don't deserve t 

She's just a little too perfect, she's just a little too worth t 

I don't deserve that lady at all, no not at all 

I only text that lady, sir I nev'r calleth 

Lest I still a canine at heart, lest I a dog.

Mine heart is cold 

Tis probably cause lest I from the snow, with all mine woes.

With my woes.


Tis ov'r, tis ov'r, yeah, lest I leaving, lest I gone 

I can't stayeth hither no more and I can't catch but a wink on the floor

Fie, oh mine god

If I die, I'm a legend

Oh mine god, oh mine god

If 't be true I kicketh the bucket, lest I a legend  

Lest I the one.