21 Questions With: ELLA ON THE RUN



With two EPs and a new project in the works, Ella On The Run definitely has her hands full. Throw in a hot new video for her track "Walk Away," and she's sure to only get busier. But none of that stopped the Switzerland-raised London-based electro-pop queen from playing 21 Questions with me over Skype the other day. Because who doesn't have time to talk about cold cuts and Disney villains? 

Favorite snack? Salami

Favorite TV show at the moment? The Americans

Tube or Subway? Tube

If you could win a medal at one Olympic sport, what sport would it be? Diving!

Winter or Summer?  Summer

Deep Sea or Outer Space? Deep sea

What animal freaks you out the most? Spiders.

Do you have any tattoos? Yes! I have two tattoos. I have a treble clef on my back that I got when i was a teenager. And a Japanese zen-style brush stroke on my arm. 

What's your favorite way to workout right now? I just started boxing, but I would still say yoga. 

What style should we get rid of...forever? Crocs! My three year old niece has a pair of crocs. Hers are so cute, but grown ups should never wear crocs. 

What style should we never ever get rid of? Jeans!

What quote do you love? I steal this one from my father and I think it's Oscar Wilde...actually no it's from a philosopher. "Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation."  That's how I feel about this industry, it really does take a lot of work and patience. 

In my past life I was a____. Cat. I grew up with cats, I love cats. 

What is the perfect city? I love L.A., I go about once a year. If I could create my perfect city, I would choose the creativity of L.A., the coolness of Paris, the hipsterness of London, and the energy of New York.

What is your weirdest talent? I can sling guns... not real guns though! I saw a friend doing it at a Halloween party so I taught myself how to do it. 

Ok well in that case, who would you chose to have a wild west standoff with? Definitely Marty McFly! 

Who is your hero? My mom. But I have lots of heroes. I just really admire people who do things for the greater good.

Who is your nemesis? I don't think I have a nemesis. I try not to make too many enemies. I think the older you get you just learn to cut people out of your life. My last nemesis was my neighbor. It was a Thursday and I might have had some people over. We had like 10 people over and we were playing Cards Against Humanity, and it's not like we were having a rave, but my neighbor went apeshit (laughs). Luckily she moved out after six months. For the record, I did apologize with a bottle of champagne, I left the bottle and a note by her door. And when I came home I saw that she left the bottle and ripped the note by my door. 

Favorite Disney villain? I wanna say Jafar. Now you're not allowed to have a real villain. We're sugar coating all of them now. Malificent was a real villain, but now we're trying to make her seem less evil.  

Two part question: Best song or artist to sob to? Probably anything by Alanis Morisette or Celine Dion. Best song to dance to? Anything by Michael Jackson or like any of the newer dancey songs like "Cake by the Ocean." 

What would you eat for your last meal? I would have a pot of swiss cheese fondue...and some sushi...and some cold cuts. 

Check the "Walk Away" video here and the rest of her music here.