21 Questions with: Eloïse



You would never guess UK singer Eloïse was just 18 from her music. After already catching BBC Introducing's eye, the songstress recently debuted a double A-side with the lead track "Studio 54," an ambient and Banks-like darkness combined with an R&B and pop sound. Eloïse is already killing it, with a voice reminiscent of Florence meets Lana and a vibe that as she puts it, is "a look at what it's actually like to be my age." Into it.

1. Full Name? Eloise Flora Keeble

2. Age? 18

3. Name of the town you grew up in? East Bergholt

4: Favorite song ATM? I've listened to the new Bruno Mars song about 40 times today.

5: Favorite color? Purple

6: If you were a fictional character or a few fictional characters combined, who would you be? I get Jane Austen a lot so I'm gonna go with Elizabeth Bennett. 

7. Describe your music: I don't know, sort of broody pop I guess. 

8. When did you first realize music was what you wanted to do? I kind of always did but it was when Lady Gaga first was a thing. The Fame was my life. 

9: Celebrity crush? James Franco

10: If you could live anywhere where would it be? New York

11: Musical Inspiration? Lana del Rey 

12: What's in your purse right now? Keys with a Michael Jackson key ring on them, my wallet, and that's it. 

13: What item can't you live without right now? I don't know because I'm not that much of a phone person. I don't feel particularly dependent at the moment.

14: Last time you cried? I was revisiting music I used to listen to and I actually cried yesterday.

15. What food could you eat forever? Cinnabon. 

16: You're stranded on an island, what are three things you bring with you? An iPod if that's a thing, a dog, and I don't know, a book? I'd probably make myself read the works of Shakespeare or something.

17: Who is your hero? Cher

18: What is your biggest pet peeve? I hate the sound of people whispering, especially when they're doing it quite loudly. 

19. Water or fire? Water. I just hate being too hot. 

20. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. I feel like I'm more of a nighttime person.

21. If you could be any animal, what would it be? A leopard because they're cool but they're not. I can't deal with the whole pack animal thing, that would wind me up.