Bold and Beautiful for the Holidays

If you're tired of wearing the same thing and rocking the same look over and over again, take a page out of the Sagittarius book and do something BOLD. Sarah Dawud gives us some tips on new and exciting looks to try for the holiday season. 



'Tis the Season to Shake Up Your Workout!

Health coach and fitness instructor Alex Joy Pucci shows us how trying something new in your workout will get you in the best shape of your life. And in the spirit of the adventurous Sag, we could all use a little change, let's be real. 



Cancer Can't Change That

Three-time cancer survivor and author Andrea Nugent talks to us about finding inner beauty through motherhood, during and after chemotherapy. Our first warrior of the Warrior Series teaches us all something about how to live life. Her book, "Mommy is Still Mommy, Cancer Can't Change That!" is out now. Click here to read the full story.   

The Five Burning Man Beauty Principles

After spending both 2011 and 2014 going completely bat shit at Burning Man, I can safely say that I’m slowly learning some beauty tricks on how to look less like a mummified cat on the playa and more like the desert flower I was born to be. Here are my five burner beauty principles for staying relatively cute out there. *Click here to read on.