March 2018: My Face Is On Fire


Ok so...

It seems like we can all agree that the first two months of 2018 were an absolute. shit. storm. Like, what the heck is happening. Jobs were lost. Bags were packed. Bridges were burned. Tears were cried. 

March already has a little more chill than the months that preceded it. For starters, the month started out with a full moon in Virgo on March 1. If you don't know what the fuck that means, let me explain. Virgo is one of the more analytical signs in the zodiac, meaning that the first of the month has probs sparked some thinking in that beautiful head of yours. What needs to change from here on out? What can be done differently to bring you one step closer to your higher self, or one step closer to being "God's Plan" Drake, whatever floats ya boat.

This Virgo moon will whip your ass into shape, and it won't sugar coat as Virgo never really plays that way. This is a great time to let go of dead weight in your life, things that are holding you down or back. Make moves to find the job of your dreams, pursue that project you've always joked about pursuing, leave that person you've been wanting to leave. Detox your life, whether it's a physical or a spiritual cleanse. Sweat it out baybays. Now is the time.

Mars trine Uranus will last from March 7 to 15 and will make you feel fierce as fuck and like you can conquer anything. What does this mean? It means that Mars is 120 degrees from Uranus. What else does it mean? It means that during this time you will feel super duper on top of your shit. You will also probably be feeeeeeeling yourself. Have you been horneh? You can laugh knowing the stars made you horneh but...they did.

The New Moon in Pisces will fall on March 17. Brace yourselves freaks and geeks. This moon has a close alignment with the minor planet Chiron aka the Wounded Healer, meaning painful wounds will be exposed on this day. Do you feel some pain bubbling to the surface? You've clearly done a good job of picking up the pieces of previous trauma, but that doesn't mean it will continue to test you when you least expect it to. Stand your ground and face that shit. You are so much bigger than your petty Earthly problems, remember that gods and goddesses.

As Pisces hands off the baton to Aries season on March 20, be prepared to tackle life with the fierceness that only a fire sign can provide. Merc will be in, sigh, retrograde from March 22 through April 15 making pretty much all of Aries season a sketchy time for travel and tech shit. But y'all know how to navigate these things now, and it's safe to say for most of you the worst is over. Now is the time to roll your shoulders back and hold your head up high Gaga style because you were born this way baybay. Hold on to your hats, see you in April.



February 2018: When Shit Hits The Fan




If you haven't felt it already, February is definitely a crazy month across the board. Change can either be traumatic or heavenly, and this month is prepared to serve you a little bit of both so be ready for a little push and pull. January's back to back full moons and the gnarly Leo eclipse has friendships and relationships shattered and emotions flying. Name a person that didn't have a significant change or transition during the super blue blood moon, I'll wait...That moon opened up the floor for SERIOUS change. Whether it was a layoff, or your roommates kicked you out, or maybe you realized that you needed to let go of a toxic friend. Something NEEDED to be released late January and it has followed you straight into Feb, my loves. 

But bitches, now is the time to pull yourselves back together. A mid-Feb Aquarius new moon solar eclipse will set you up to dream big and aim high, baybay. 

Valentine's Day will feel a little more chilled out this year. That's because the big production is February 15, a partial solar new moon eclipse that is certain to shake things up and show you who your tribe is. Significant news and updates will come to you on this day. While the news may seem shitty as fuck to some, it's a new opportunity in disguise. Just ride this eclipse out and let the dust settle, I promise, it's not as bad as you think.

February 15 also marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog, if you're following Chinese New Year. Woof woof baybays! This year promises loyalty and collaboration, so choose your people wisely and trust them with your creative endeavors. You may be stronger if you work together, think about it.

I warn you guys, there will be another Leo/Aquarius eclipse combo coming up again this summer. Brace yourselves, wear a helmet, and sharpen your machetes. Expect the spirit of Leo to bring about some confrontation but then count on Aquarius vibes to smooth things over. At the very least it will turn an emotional situation into a logical one.

Heart-felt Pisces season starts on February 18 to get you all out of your heads and more in your feelings. It's time to stop being so detached and sit with your feelings a little. Do we love it? 

So take this month to sort through the shit storm the full moons have thrown your way and then shimmy through Pisces season like RiRi at the Grammy's. Just keep swimming baybays, see you in March.