Monica Lewinsky & The Price of Shame

"When I was eight years old, I learned what a blowjob was. Well, kind of. A girl in my class sat some of us down by the swings and explained it as “putting a wiener in your mouth until you have a baby.” Not quite sure who her sources were, but whatever. With the cooties epidemic and all, I couldn’t even fathom why you would want to have any part of a boy near you anyway. But the point is that, I knew what fellatio was at the age of eight because I knew who Monica Lewinsky was at the age of eight." READ MORE HERE >>

OTC's Week In News

The top five news stories of the week in summary. Read here. 




Ferguson Decision


Tear gas, flames, and the chants of protesters filled the air in Ferguson, Missouri last night after the grand jury ruled Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown, a black, unarmed teenager, would not be indicted. The decision not to move forward with this case infuriated demonstrators in Ferguson- as well as those gathered across America (Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle, Washington, and Oakland, Ca).  Brown's Father, as well as President Obama, called for peaceful protests prior to the ruling, however those peaceful assemblies turned to mayhem.

Michael Brown's parents will be holding a press conference as noon today. 



Doubters of Domestic Violence

"In my opinion, the deep-rooted problem is how we as a population view domestic violence and rape.  Our tendency is to require the accusers/victims of these cases to bear the burden of proof.  As a population, when it comes to domestic violence and rape, we are doubters ."



Why I'm Glad My Father Beat Me

"Given the controversy surrounding NFL player Adrian Peterson, I don’t expect everyone to fully understand the story I’m about to tell. The Pro Bowl running back, who currently faces charges of child abuse, allegedly beat his four-year-old son with a switch in May, a punishment I even find horrifying. But I’m telling my story because I’ve seen critics use this extreme case to prove that corporal discipline usually results in resentment towards one’s parents."