June, 23, 2015

The Twins of Today

by Kelsey Hamm


In the entertainment industry, the journey to success can feel like constantly getting smacked in the head with a golf club. Who wouldn’t want a twin sibling to split the pressure? Our world is obsessed with identical twins, and popular and famous siblings have a culture all their own. OTC presents the twin duos, twins to know in today’s industry, from everyone’s old favorites to new and upcoming icons.

The Fashion Designers- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

While every twenty-something will remember the Olsen twins for their split role as Michelle Tanner in Full House, the adorable duo left their scrunchies behind in the late 90’s to pursue careers in fashion design. For them, an obsession with beautiful aesthetics started early- even at age ten, the girls’ innate fashion sense could not be denied. Ranked in their teen years as two of the wealthiest women in entertainment, the Olsens could have easily slipped away to enjoy their money in quiet for the rest of their lives. Instead the power duo created something unforgettable.

In 2008, the twins began their fashion line The Row, and both were named Womenswear Designers of The Year in 2012 by The Council of Fashion Designers of America. They continue to dazzle every A-list celebrity on the red carpet with a unique sense of style, usually combining dramatic, edgy elements with a touch of classic sophistication.

Not a bad resume for two beautiful women on the cusp of thirty. Maybe they watch Full House together and try to remember who played Michelle in each episode?


The Actor/Musician Power Duo- Laverne and M Lamar Cox

Laverne Cox is on fire right now, with Season 3 of Orange is the New Black down and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for acting behind her. Cox is the most famous transgender activist in the U.S., but it was her twin brother M Lamar who played her character pre-transition in OINB Season 1. Rocking long choppy hair, black leather and a countertenor voice, M Lamar may be the only person on the planet as inspiring as Laverne herself.

M Lamar attended the San Francisco Bay Area Institute of Art and Yale University before moving to Brooklyn. In his own words, he works across opera, metal, performance, video, and sculpture to craft sprawling narratives of racial and sexual transformation. The singer has released two albums, Speculum Oram and Negro Antichrist. The soft voice and sounds presented in his songs like Trying to Leave My Body will leave you with chills.

Both Laverne and M Lamar have oodles of talent and style. It’s no surprise that both are cut from the same superstar cloth.


The Style Bloggers- The Urban Bush Babes

Cipriana and Takenya Quann are constantly on the best dressed list for Vogue and Marie Claire. The twins and fellow blogger Nikisha Brunson started Urban Bush Babes (Urbanbushbabes.com) in 2012, a lifestyle website with a big focus on natural hair care. The site receives over 250,000 visits a day and holds over 14k followers on Twitter.

The sisters share a bold and carefree sense of style, usually incorporating an array of different color schemes into daily outfits. While hair styling is their main area of expertise, (they’ve spoken about natural hair on NBC and ABC news) you’d have no trouble nabbing great tips from them about antiquing, interior design and interviewing celebrity guests.

Takenya is a singer as well as a fashionista, and previously opened for N.E.R.D. and Erykah Badu. Some people just have it all- so not fair.



The Hip-Hop Dancers- Les Twins

French brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, known as Les Twins to a very dedicated fan base, starred as backup dancers in Beyoncé’s On the Run Tour in 2014. This paragraph could end right here- touring with Beyoncé is more than enough to ensure a crown of royalty for eternity.

Where do you start with a pair of twins who collectively impresses the world over and over again? Their list of accomplishments is endless. They’ve appeared on the Billboard Music Awards, Good Morning America, the X-Factor and walked in Paris Fashion Week for the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Men’s Collection. The twins also hold the title of acrobats- they worked at Cirque du Soleil pre 2011.

All choreography performed by Les Twins is 100% original and absolutely killer. It’s likely these two were choreographing in the womb, figuring out how to move in sync without causing their mother more trouble than necessary.


The YouTube Sensations- No Frill Twins

Arna and Vanessa Rogers are best known for their bright blue lips, punk aesthetic, and eerie alternative covers of songs like Love me Like You do by Ellie Goulding and Iggy Azaela’s Fancy. The girls released a single called Dying To Be Thin in April, a criticism of the pressure women feel to slim down in today’s society. Since the release, hundreds of young women with eating disorders have reached out to thank the twins, and to share their own stories.  

The No Frill Twins are a fashion inspiration for those who dress alternatively or who don’t consider themselves trend followers. They appear relatable and raw in a way that few other media stars achieve. The music video for their song God Bless the Internet, released in January, showcases some of their best outfits and vocals yet.

    The internet is blessed to have you, darlings.