c/o @Kiesza

c/o @Kiesza

Sneakers, and Liquor, and Kiesza, Oh My!

By Sade A. Spence

Kiesza rocked The Reebok Classics and Fader Coast To Coast music series Wednesday night celebrating the "Ventilator" sneaker, so of course our music editor Sade A. Spence was there to get you all the deets on the event. Check it out here.


Meet The Prettiots: The Sweetest Bad Girls of Indie Pop

By Sade A. Spence

c/o Wonderland Magazine

c/o Wonderland Magazine

Remember all those cringe-worthy diary entries you wrote in your Lisa Frank journal. The ones you hoped no one else would ever set eyes on?! Well Kay Kasparhauser has found it, and her doll face band-mates, Rachel Trachtenburg and Lulu Pratt are singing it aloud for the world to hear. These three are the sweetest bad girls you’ll ever meet and word on the street is, they call themselves “The Prettiots.” Dressed in all-over plaid, the trio gush about their matching "Japanese schoolgirl" ensembles.

"It's the anomaly of looking a certain way, people hear our music, might not listen to what we are saying, and look at us in a certain light, so we play into the stereotype, it's a fuck you" says bassist, Lulu Pratt.

The New York based band perform songs about their own adorable day-to-day mishaps, ranging from a listicle of “Boys [You] Dated In Highschool” to details of the lead singer's therapy sessions.

“There isn’t anything I won’t sing about” says Kasparhauser, widening her big blue eyes with a coy grin, as Rachel and Lulu giggle upon realizing there are no limits to what topics they will perform. With Kay Kasparhauser on lead vocals and an ebay-ordered Ukelele, Lulu Pratt on back-up with a bass, and Rachel Trachtenburg on drums, the girls create lighthearted, indie-pop songs that are rather difficult not to sing-a-long.

Listen to the “The Prettiots”  dish the full deets on their upcoming record (yes,vinyl!), plans for their 2-week long tour approaching SXSW, and the creative brain behind their bizarre, yet eye-catching concert posters.


#OTCTV Takes CMJ Music Marathon

By Sade A. Spence

It's the most wonderful time of the year, if you love music in NYC! CMJ's Music Marathon took over some of the coolest venues and showcased some of the most talented artists in the underground music scene . Our Music Editor, Sade Spence and Co-EIC, Rula Al-Nasrawi, per usual, ventured through NYC to chat with a few of these rising stars. 

On The Cusp TV presents.... "Down To Earth with Sade Spence"

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By Sade A. Spence

Zoe of ASTR sings her heart out on the My Life Stage at ESCAPE Music Festival.

"Fuck A Genre," says Zoe, the zealous lead singer of the alternative, electro R&B duo, ASTR. She continues to say music should be void of any one category. Zoe (Libra) and percussionist Adam (Scorpio) have been experimenting with their sound as they develop their new album, which is expected to drop at the top of the year.

“It sounds like ASTR, but it’s evolved. Some of it's more upbeat, we haven’t ditched the old sound, there is stuff for everybody.”

Watch Sade Spence’s entire chat with the New York natives on the best places to grab New York Pizza, their big plans for Halloween, and the release of their next level album below.

Videography by Leah Pinero

Tesla Boy Talk The Unifying Power Of Music

By Sade A. Spence

Tesla Boy performing some catchy tunes from their album "The Universe Made of Darkness" on the My Life Stage.

Funky, electronic, and Russian! The guys of Tesla Boy create a unique blend of funky Pop beats a-la Prince with an electro twist.  The group traveled from Russia to provide Americans with lighthearted music.

“What we do is to bring people some happiness and some fun,” says lead singer, Anton Sevidov.

They traveled all the way from Russia to perform at the ESCAPE Music Festival. The journey is long and perhaps controversial in light of the U.S’s recent relations with the Northern Eurasian giant. But these performers won’t let party politics keep them from bringing a little joy into people’s lives.

Sade's "Down To Earth" interview with the Russian rockstars is coming soon!