Our Staff.


Rula Al-Nasrawi, Editor In Chief

Rula Al-Nasrawi is a California born and bred writer living in NYC. She graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2013, and since then has spent her time freelancing and hunting for the best bahn mi sandwich she can find. You can find her at the dog park looking for pugs or on the playa at Burning Man or online staring at pictures of Drake.  Follow her @rulaoftheworld. 


Sade Spence - Entertainment Editor

Known as the gypsy goddess and a festival flower to her friends, Sadé Spence is a fun loving libra who loves writing about music, entertainment, & pop culture. Sadé has a MS in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications. When she isn't interviewing the next emerging musical artist or chatting it up on the red carpet, she is eating pizza and listening to Lana Del Rey. Follow her @SadeASpence.


Matt Young - Photography

“Anybody can take an iPhone picture at a concert, but not everyone can make the musician look like a rock star.” California native, Matt Young, combines his passion for photography and music to capture the euphoric and emotional moments of an artist on stage. As a proud crab, Matt enjoys spending just as much time in his Brooklyn apartment watching Friends as he does getting lost in the city discovering new sights and pizza joints. Follow him @_mattron.





Kelsey Hamm- Editorial Intern

Kelsey Hamm is a silver tongued monster originally from Boone, NC, the town that (almost) won Outside Magazine’s 2015 Best Towns Competition. As a passionate Scorpio completing her English degree at Appalachian State University, Kelsey splits her team between writing about fashion, entertainment, and queer issues. You can find her on the track playing roller derby with women who are way more terrifying then she is. Follow her at @kelseymrie